KRE Licensing questions


We are currently using Jenkins to schedule execution and execute the test via CI/CD, my question is what Katalon runtime engine additionally doing plz can you explain me…?
Thank you in Advance…

Introduction to Runtime Engine

If we are using Jenkins right now with 6.3 will we be forced to move to 7.0 and RE or will still be able to use current version with Jenkins ?


Hi tomasz.marusik

RE just applied from KS 7. It’s recommended to use the new version but you still able to use v6.x on your Jenkins server.
KS 6 will be available for online download and activate till April-30, 2020. There will be no maintenance, support (except enterprise support customer) or bug fix for this version from now till its sunset.


But will the free licence work after april. I don’t want the situation I’ll move our tests to Katalon as it is free and then in 6 months they will be useless without paid licence.


The free license should work until you re-install the tool or re-activate on your local.


Long time supporter and evangelist of Katalon but the need to pay for Run-time Engine and making Basic Reporting as plug-ins instead of default features is making me move away from this tool. The company used to be looking after the best interest of automation community, now its all about profits.


You are completely right. They shouldn’t add a paywall to one of the primary reasons the program is used.


Agree with you. Based integrated CLI function pay may let me off


100%. I have also been a long-time evangelist of Katalon. Now, I have to defend their decisions to my higher-ups because I’m the one that convinced them to make the switch months ago. Now, they’re breaking everything into pieces and making what was sold to us as “free and open-source” automation tool become useless to a professional company without paying something in advance. Honestly, I don’t know why Katalon would have made RE be the ONLY way to implement Katalon in a CLI pipeline.


Hi Mohamed_Sajjaath

Katalon runtime engine (RE) is not the additional but required to run in the command-line or execute test remotely without the GUI interface of Katalon Studio, from KS7 you can not run CLI without RE.

Introduction to Runtime Engine

I am also considering moving to another tool, after this dirty change, and I’m afraid it’s just one of many in the future. I supported this tool in my company as an evangelist from the very beginning, we became partners and now I feel shame. “This tool is and will be free forever”. Liars. Once they have a strong community, they totally focus on profit.


Agree!! I have been pushing using this tool in different companies that I worked in, I am shocked that the RE is not included in the Enterprise License …separating the 2 makes it easy to collect more money for a tool that used to be part of the core service…I guess will need to start looking for other solutions that are more honest up front!

I think it is crazy going from free software to charging for every time you use Katalon in pipeline is crazily expensive for smaller companies to handle. I think many don’t mind to pay for the usage at a flat rate, but not what they seem to want now.


Unfortunately I have to agree with this thread. In many instances this is actually termed ‘intentional fraud’

This software was 100% branded “This tool is and will be free forever” and that has now changed, all that wording has been removed etc. - To be frank the pricing is actually not that expensive compared to many competitors but as an automation community the way KRE has gone about this is nothing short of deceitful. Whilst I am currently looking after more than 20+ organizations who I have absolutely entrenched in this software who are willing to pay the license costs - as a true automation evangelist I am now in the process of helping them completely remove their footprint from Katalon in its entirety.

For the simple reason, cool decide to pay and who knows next year they’ll prob change their RE license cost from $49 to $500 who knows…but like I say unfortunately this KMS organization was unfortunately never focused on their client base but of course on the bottom line. Whilst I can understand commercializing it is the way they have gone about this that is purely unacceptable.


So bad… , Guys if we want to use any Automation tool, CLI is minimum expectation, if it is not available with free, that doesn’t make this is freeware… Why Katalon team is doing this, This make not to trust any new tool in market… Signing off … need to look into reliable tool or my own framework… So disappointing…


startup CTO here, checked out Katalon because I heard good things, but discovering that I have to pay $50 a month ON TOP of $70 a month for the studio LOLOLOL

hard pass, sorry :man_shrugging: