Katalon Studio Licensing

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For Katalon Studio 7, the free license granted for each Katalon account only includes the standard Katalon Studio with starter features. For more information, please read this document.


Hello @Jass,
I am really new to katalon studio.
I want to ask about Katalon Studio. Which type of katalon is better for team organization?
Is that available to use one license for across/multiple device?
would you like to guide me step by step to buy katalon studio and activate the license, Please

Hi @oppirhutapea19

If you need more information regarding license type and how to subscribe, please contact business@katalon.com for assistance.



There are 5 test specialists in my team and each of us is responsible for different products.

We want to use Katalon Studio to automate our test scenarios.

Can we use “one” Katalon Studio Enterprise License for five different products?

If we use same license, can we run our test suites or write test scenarios at the same time without a problem?


Hi @cansu.arslan

No you cannot use the same license for multiple machines working at the same time. A license is transferrable from one machine to another, so your specialists would need to take turn and manually transfer the license when a particular person needs it. For maximum efficiency though, it is recommended that the number of license should be the number of testers.

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How to download KSE? Why there’s no entrance in official site and not explanation of how to transfer KS to KSE???


You just need to download Katalon Studio from the website. Activate it with a business email and you’re eligible for a 30-day trial of KSE. After that, you will have to purchase a license for your account in order to continue using KSE, otherwise it’ll be reverted back to the free version.

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How is the limitation for DevOps license? We are software development company using Azure Devops and would like to use it for projects that we are running on. There might be several projects running in parallel at any given time, between 10-15 projects. And there might be a few repos in each project, like backend and frontend, especially since we use microservices, there will be lot of repos that will be part of CI/CD process. How do we calculate the DevOps license required in our situation? Thanks.

The number of DevOps licenses is the number of concurrent/parallel sessions of Katalon Runtime Engine that was mentioned at our document and licensing page:

For DevOps/Floating licenses : The number of DevOps licenses is equal to the maximum number of parallel execution sessions at a time in Docker or Azure DevOps.

Can the same online KSE license be used with Katalon launched on windows and linux?

Hi @Stephanie.LovingJone

Yes, you can. A KSE license equals a concurrent instance of KSE, so you can use the license for Katalon on Windows and Linux, as long as you’re not using two Katalon instances with one KSE license.

… at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Thanh, Awesome response.

Hi Sir,
please i don’t get a license file to activate katalon, could you help me how can i do ?

Thank you very much !



Please ask the owner of your TestOps organization to generate for you an offline license file following this guide:

Hi, @devalex88 Is it needed to download the source code if yes after downloading the source code where we need to place it could you please let me know.

Hello @bhargavia

Please follow this manual for installation guides.


Does this license support scenario for Self-Hosted Agent from Azure DevOps? I mean 1 license supports for both Microsoft-hosted & Self-Hosted with maximum parallel execution at 1


You will need at least one KRE floating license in this case.

Hi all,

i have question, is there any API/Service for release the floating license of KRE if the job error.
because if my job error in gitlab runner the license not release on the machine. i need to release it manually :frowning:.