Katalon studio crashes when webservice keyword (eg: Send request) added in test case

I am trying to create API test case in katalon studio as I created webservice object in object repo. When I am adding webservice keyword in test case for eg: send request then Katalon studio crashing and showing window to close katalon.


Please share log or screenshot of error message

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Found a workaround here to overcome this

same issue m facing with my machine i have attached SS as well, when we tried to add new web services test cases system getting Hang, program nor responding error

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Please follow steps as below,

  1. Close Katalon Studio.
  2. Set Scale at 100% as mentioned in the attached SS.
  3. Start Katalon Studio and Start your work. :smile:

@atul.rai Not working for me after changing screen resolution

Can you share what did you changed?

After change screen setting, you need to reopen KS again. Did you try same?
At my End Working fine

this screen resolution workaround doesn’t work all the time

yes did, but still same issue

Even If this workaround works , we soon need to consult the eye doctor

Please create a ticket for this issue, if you are a paid member

Hi @atul.rai ,
Its working as you stated above , Need to restart System.
Thank you


Hi folks, :wave:

We have been informed that this issue has been fixed following the release of Katalon Studio version 9.1.0, you can check out our announcement below: :point_down:

We will also proceed to close this topic up. Should you encounter any bug whilst working with KS 9.1.0, please create another topic in Bugs Report

Albert from Katalon Community team.

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