App not responding after adding a keyword (API project)

App was not responding , below are the steps i did.
-Added an API project
-Added requests and added Test case
-added manual step in Test case, when click on keyword app got hanged and did not respond. I waiting for approx 10 mins and then killed the process.

Your Windows user name “Shruti Saxena” has a white spce.

スクリーンショット 2023-02-03 21.09.34

I guess, this white space made Katalon Studio crazy.

Please search the internet with keyword “Windows user name white space”. Then you will find many pages where people encountered variaties of problems due to white space in Windows user name.

Thanks for your reply.

No, that is not the case. I have changed the location and still the same issue appeared.
I have to kill the program to come out from there.

Let me know if I have to install a lower version?


Perhaps your test case script has some problem.
I do not know what.
I can’t see anything about it because you haven’t disclosed your script.


Please share the error log file

This is the log for today, check the error at the end. Thanks

.log (561 KB)

Hi, can I know your windows’ display resolution like the picture?

Thank you for sharing.
For now, you can use the Script view to insert the keyword or you can change the Scale down to 100% and adjust the Display resolution, for example:

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I am experiencing the exact same critical defect. And I am giving a katalon studio demo to IT management and executives tomorrow. Don’t know how I am going to gloss over API testing to avoid this . . . .

You can try my workaround above.

I have not written script.
It was not responding when i add 1st keyword.
It looks like 8.5.5 has some issue, suggested to download 8.5.2.

Hi @shruti1, :wave:

Just checking in to see if you were able to find the answer to your question in this thread or not? If yes, then it’d be great if you could mark said reply as a solution :white_check_mark: to show your appreciation to the person who posted said reply. :smile:

No Still not resolved, I am using it by scripting manually.
Also i tried with previous version 8.5.2, same issue

Hello @Semileo : This workaround (very short term fix) doesn’t work everytime. for e.g on Windows 11 irrespective of the resolution , katalon studio would hang anyway which takes away the underlying essence of @Katalon_team katalon’s platform USP of manual keyword approach.

This issue has been staying there for quite long and I assume its ageing has crossed more than 6 months.

We should have permanently fixed this issue long ago. cc @mike.verinder . I urge the Katalon studio product team to fix it asap to avoid customer disengagement @anh.chu

Imagine a new organization who is doing a POC on evaluation of our tool for API testing and they encounter this issue. Trust me they would never be a return customer. Instead they will opt for some other tool

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thanks @Monty_Bagati for tagging Product

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Hi folks, :wave:

We have been informed that this issue has been fixed following the release of Katalon Studio version 9.1.0, you can check out our announcement below: :point_down:

We will also proceed to close this topic up. Should you encounter any bug whilst working with KS 9.1.0, please create another topic in Bugs Report

Albert from Katalon Community team.

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