Katalon studio hangs frequently while adding webservice keyeword


I have added web service request in Object repository and later added it in new test case, which opens up an editor showing Send request keyword
While trying to add new webservice keyword in editor select some value, KS get hanged. This is recurring even when KS is terminated and started again with same steps
Not able to add custom keyword in editor

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Do you receive any error logs or warning? As well, which KAtalon version have you been using?

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Since the Katalon got hung, couldnt locate any logs. But this is consistently created while adding built in keyword in the test case editor in Manual mode

Custom keyword was able to add from script mode
version of my KS is latest

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You should try for lower version of kse as 8.5 etc

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hi, this is a known issue for now so could you please help to try the resolution in this topic to see how it works? App not responding after adding a keyword (API project) - #9 by Semileo


I used workaround of adding using script mode and will try other way of reducing the resolution.

Hi @vinayak_joshi1 , :wave:

We have been informed that this issue has been fixed following the release of Katalon Studio version 9.1.0, you can check out our announcement below: :point_down:

We will also proceed to close this topic up. Should you encounter any bug whilst working with KS 9.1.0, please create another topic in Bugs Report

Albert from Katalon Community team.

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