Katalon keeps crashing when attempting to add a send request for a test case

I just installed the latest version of Katalon on my machine, was following some tutorials on how to create test objects and test cases for apis. I created the test object, when I went to create the test case, each time I click on the drop down to select “send request” katalon crashes and I have to kill it through task manager, this happened few times already. I increased the memory in my katalon.ini file to 8 gigs and that didn’t help.


Thank you for letting us know your problem. Can you describe how Katalon crash? Some error or randomly quit it or spinning? Thank you

I also experienced the same “freezing” issue when I was doing the “API Testing with Katalon: The Basics” course. Here are the steps to reproduce:

I am on a Windows 10 machine with Katalon 8.5.5 installed.

  1. Create a new Test Case in a API/Web Service project
  2. In the Manual tab, click on “Add Web Service Keyword”, this will automatically add “Send Request” to the list
  3. Click on “Send Request” item to display dropdown list

Actual: Dropdown list is blank and program starts to freeze with a spinning icon that never ends. User is forced to quit app.
Expected: Dropdown list contains list of all available keywords and user is able to select a different option e.g. “Send Request and Verify”

cc: @Elly_Tran

Also, this same issue was reported by a user doing the course 4 weeks ago:

@eabusharkh Can you please confirm if you face the similar issue as @sedens ? I will raise ticket internally to work on it soon. Thank you so much!

Thank you @Elly_Tran - I am unable to use the manual tab to add any keywords, it continues to freeze and forces the user to quit the app. The workaround is to use the script tab.

I am using Katalon Studio v8.6.0 on macOS 12.6

On my machine, the dropdown list contains the list of all available Web Service Keywords .

I guess, your installation of Katalon Studio is somewhat broken. Some jar files are missing. Katalon Studio could not find the list of Web Serivce Keywords from the missing jar.

On which OS do you work? Windows10? Mac? Linux?

On which folder did you install Katalon Studio? Do you have full READ/WRITE priviledge for the folder where KS is installed?

I would recommend you to try uninstalling & installing Katalon Studio again. You should try installing it in the folder where you surely have full READ/WRITE privileges, for example C:\Users\yourUserName\tmp.

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I mentioned in my original post that I am on Windows 10 with KS 8.5.5. I do have full read/write privileges. I am able to access keywords dropdown when I have a UI project. I am not able to access the dropdown when I have a web service project.

What is the name of the jar that contains the missing web service keywords? I am able to access those missing keywords if I use the script tab.

I note you have KS 8.6.0 so I will upgrade to that version and see if that solves the problem.

Update: I upgraded to 8.6.0 and the problem still persists.

It is com.kms.katalon.core.webservice_1.0.0.202303100818.jar

I tried removing that jar out of my installed Katalon Studio 8.6.0. When removed, Katalon Studio did not start at all. So my guess does not explain your case.

Please share the .log file. It would contain some diagnostics what happened when Katalon Studio got into a trouble.

On my Mac, I can find it at
/Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata/.log

On Windows? I don’t know. Please look for it somewhere in the directory where you installed Katalon Studio.

That makes sense, as the jar file does exist and the issue only occurs when using the “Manual” tab to add the webservice steps. Using the “Script” tab does allow me to access those keywords without issue.

Just a note regarding the .log - you can access it in Katalon by going to Help > Error Log (for both Windows and Mac) instead of navigating the file directory.

I have Katalon installed on both Windows and Mac machines. The keywords for web service on the Mac is working as expected. It seems the issue is with Windows. I have attached the log - there seems to be a few exceptions logged however I do not know which of these cause the issue with the web service keywords. I have deleted all previous log entries and provided only the most recent where the issue occurred.

.log (30.0 KB)

cc: @Elly_Tran

Thank you sharing the log file but I find nothing informative in it.
I have no more idea.


Thank you for your information. I have raised ticket for this issue and our team have confirmed this is a known bug. Therefore, Katalon plans to solve it in v9.0.0 in Q2 2023. Thank you!

Thank you for confirming this is a known bug. I look forward to v9.0.0 when this is fixed!