Katalon Platform Edition -8.5.2 -Session expires often and asks me to enter credentials

When KS is idle for a few minutes or when I ran a test case that takes 15 min to complete, I minimized the screen and observed that the session got expired and I lost the execution status and I have to login again.

Is there a way to avoid multiple times log in as older versions(we used Katalon studio 7.3.2 earlier)?


Hi @dhivya_narayanan ,

We will discuss internally to define whether it is bug report or not. But can you please help me clarify that previously, when you used version 7.3.2, such issue did not happen, correctly?

Thank you!

Thanks Elly_Tran for the reply. Yes, our session did not end in Katalaon Studio Enterprise Edition 7.7.2.
The below screenshot shows that I have already cloned the project from testops in the local folder and when KS is idle for sometime, I am asked to enter the credentials again.
KAtalon Platform Edition 8.5.2:

I came across this popup today- if I am not around the system and if I don’t click on continue, I am getting log out. Are there any settings available to increase the idle session time?Ideally I would like to avoid the situation of automatically log out !!


How long has you not been around the system? I understand that it should be not so long ( <15 minutes) so that it is still in session but unexpectedly logs out, right?

Thank you!

You can go to Testops Organization page and change the session timeout.