Katalon activation every single day

Why does Katalon kill the logged in session every day and force-logout?

Now it is not accepting my VALID credentials. The same credentials I used to log into this forum.


Hi there,

Which version are you currently using?

We are facing the same issue since Monday, but for us it’s every ~2 hours
The whole team is logged out at the same time and we need to login again

We are using Katalon 8.2.5 build 208

We already tried activating and disactivating the auto logout in the administration console, but it didn’t change anything

Are you sitting behind a Proxy server from your private network to the Internet?

No we have no proxy and our infrastructure hasen’t changed, it was working fine before, this started happening on monday

Hi @clif.molina

Could you please let me know if your machine goes to sleep before the so-called force-logout notification shows up?


My computer often goes to sleep. But I cannot say for certain if this always precedes the logout. Also, Please remove the buttons which cause flyouts over my code. It’s distracting and interrupts my workflow.

This week started happening to me also on a daily basis (Katalon 8.2.5, build 208)

Hi everyone

Session termination message pops up when Katalon Studio fails to renew your working session. One of the reasons is your machine goes to sleep and KS cannot call the Licensing Server successfully.

In upcoming releases, we will enhance this mechanism by adding retry on failure.


That may be one of the reasons, but it’s not the only one. This is in the middle of my work day. Right after I accidentally clicked one of the annoying pop-up marketing buttons in THE MIDDLE OF MY IDE.


Thanks @clif.molina for letting me know and sorry about the inconvenience this has caused to you. Could you please tell me exactly which marketing button you clicked on so I can look into it and improve its UX?


Today I cannot stay logged in or activated. I repeatedly get the session terminated warning. Over and over. I cannot work.

I just switched to Mac… and now everytime i open up Katalon… it goes thru “Activating…” which is time consuming and pain point.
What is going on?