Katalon Studio 9.1.0 keeps logging me out very often

Katalon Studio 9.1.0 keeps logging me out very often. It is especially bothersome when logs me out during the test runs - I have to start over. Is anybody else encountering it? Is there a solution? Thanks!

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Hello @Elly_Tran and @vu.tran, I am seeing the same issue with KSE 9.2.0. I was told by Katalon support folks that upgrading to 9.2.0 would fix it, not so much :frowning:. Really affecting our QA team.

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Can you please give us more detailed information such as OS, screenshot/video,… so that we can investigate it better? thank you

Hi @Elly_Tran, The system closes my session and displays the following (happens every 2 days):
My KSE Support ticket is: Case 00018720

Hi @Elly_Tran & @vu.tran, This continues to be an issue for our QA team. Every two days we get a message saying that we will be logged out in 5 minutes. This never happened before we updated to 9.1.0. I’ve contacted support but they have not been able to find a solution, have you or anyone on the forum found a solution or work around? Currently our only solution will be to roll back to a pre 9.1.0 version. Thanks Dave.

This is the same as [KS 9.0.0] crashes after idle time - #26 by Elly_Tran That I opened a while ago. I also have a support ticket open on the issue. Still occurs with 9.3.0



Sorry for my late response due to the holidays. I have let my team know about this issue and I will keep track of it. Let you guys know soon with any new updates.

KSE 9.3, Same issue…