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is it correct that Katalon since V8 is prompting auto log off every 15 minutes without interaction and I have to do Katalon Studio Activation over and over again with typing email as well as password as they are without autofill?

URL for activation is

It’s very frustrating


I’m not aware of that. However…

About two weeks ago, all my copies of KS kicked me off with the exact same error message:

Too many failed login attempts. This application will close in five minutes.
Or words to that effect.

This was of course complete nonsense, updates aside, I rarely re-login to Katalon because I rarely close it.

One of them insisted I needed to go to TestOps and reactivate by completing a Captcha – very annoying.

However, it hasn’t happened since.

@YoungNgo @ThanhTo Any comments?

Correction. It seems to appear after 1h of not using Katalon and indicates that it will Logout after further 15 minutes.


Have you tried deactivating and reactivating the next time you start Katalon?

Yes without any corrections.

I did not test it yet but I am pretty sure that the cause was lying here: ^^


If you don’t here from me in this topic anymore its solved.

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