Katalon Enterprise: I cannot activate offline


My client has recently acquired Katalon Enterprise because the offline activation feature was no longer available in the free version of Katalon.

Now, we are trying to activate offline the Katalon Runtime Engine in the server. We just found out we don’t have that possibility in our TestOps (no create Offline License button or Katalon Runtime Engine node-lock tab).

Could anybody assist with this issue?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for your message.

Could you please give me your email account? Based on it we can check your licenses’ status.

Besides, could you please send me screenshots to demonstrate the current situation on your TestOps?



This is what I can share in public:


Thanks for your reply.

Since you purchased licenses already, please submit a ticket to Helpdesk. In this way, you can be served well by the Customer Support team of Katalon, and you can feel free to provide us more information

Please refer to this guide for more details https://www.katalon.com/help-center/#how-to-submit-a-help-desk-ticket

I have a similar issue as while, we are trying to use DevOps licenses on the test nodes, but there is no way to configure this.

Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for your information.

Could you please help me with creating a ticket on Zendesk by following the steps in this guide?

Please show us more information about the environment you have, the steps to reproduce your issue, and the execution log from the Console tab. Based on the information, the customer support team can investigate your issue.


Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .