Grant and Use a Katalon Runtime Engine Offline License

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Does anyone has faced the below 2 ?
I signed up for the Katalon Runtime Engine (Node-locked) monthly license but was not able to generate an offline license or add a machine Id.
Do you need to have Katalon Enterprise agreement before being able to create an offline runtime license ?
I currently have a Katalon Runtime Engine (DevOps) and I wanted to use Katalon has part of our existing pipeline for testing but our pipeline tool is Concourse.
I’m able to run the Katalon docker cmd on my system to execute a script saved in GitHub but when I try to do the same inside of Concourse pipeline I get a Online License error regardless of the fact that I have a DevOps license. I also tried with the Katalon script saved locally but I still get the same license error. So far I’ve not seem any documentation around using Katalon with Concourse CI so wanted to confirm is this integration is even supported or would be. Provided screen shot of the error for reference

Hi @habasse.traore

1/ Only annual KRE license can be converted to an offline license, as noted in this documentation:

2/ KRE DevOps license is designed to work with our official docker image, or with Azure pipeline, you would have to use our docker image in your Concourse pipeline in order for the DevOps license to be recognized.

Hope that helps !

Getting following error while trying to use license with Circle CI:

Start activating offline…
Search for valid offline licenses in folder: /root/.katalon/license
Start checking license: Testing_KRE_.lic
Testing license Testing_KRE_.lic is NOT for this machine.
The number of valid offline licenses: 0
Offline activation failed.
Start activating online…

I am having very tough time getting any kind of technical support for katalon and having anyone answer phones on their company. I have purchased licenses that are practically USELESS since there is no technical support to assist with the usage. :frowning:


Have you used our Zendesk Support and submitted a ticket there ?

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