Introducing the Katalon Creator Program! πŸŽ‰

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we are excited to announce the new Katalon Creator Program. This program enables passionate Katalon users such as yourself to:

  • Champion our brand externally (at online/offline events, press conferences, and meetups), and
  • Grow your reputation via writing insightful and helpful articles on Katalon Community forum, and/or support newcomers to the Katalon Platform via knowledge-sharing e.g. answering product questions on Katalon Community forum or elsewhere like StackOverflow, Reddit, etc.

Some of the perks that you will receive as a Creator include:

  • Early access to Katalon Platform’s newest features. :rocket:
  • Exclusive Katalon-branded swags just for you. :gift:
  • Support and sponsorship for every event that you host. :handshake:

Learn more about the program and sign up to become a Katalon Creator below :point_down:

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Q: Hold on, what is the difference then between this program and the new Community Contributor program?

A: The main difference between the two program is that:

  • The Contributor Program mainly revolves around our forum, with the pathways designed to enable you to grow our forum along with us. Some pathway, such as the Category Moderator path, requires you to spend some times on the forum before you can apply e.g. Having 400 Kudos points, etc.

  • The Katalon Creator Program enable you to represent our brand outside of the forum (at events, press conferences, meetups, etc.) and as such, Creators need not to be Katalon Community members.

Q: Can I be join both the Contributor Program and the Creator Program?

A: Of course! It will be double the effort, but double the rewards! :gift: