[Coming Soon] Exciting updates to the Katalon Certifications Program! 🚀

Hi Community members, :wave:

Exciting news! On July 01, 2024, we are going to unveil the long-awaited update to our Katalon Certifications Program with new enhancements to enhance your learning experiences.

1. Why did we decide to update the program?

With this new update, new certification criteria will be introduced to enhance the training outcomes and help you advance even further by:

  • Mastering more advanced and up-to-date Katalon features
  • Incorporating AI into your testing workflow
  • Enhancing your professional profile with new certified Katalon skills

2. How does this update affect your current certification journey?

Until the new changes are unveiled on July 01, 2024, you can still get certified by meeting the existing criteria. We encourage you to:

  • Speed up and complete the certification(s) you are aiming for,
  • Seek assistance from our support forum if you encounter difficulties meeting the requirements.

3. What will happen after the new changes?

  1. For any Katalon certification you achieve before July 01, it will remain valid for 2 years from the issue date.

  2. After the update, each certification will have a set of new criteria that you must complete to get certified

  3. If you have already got all three certifications, you still can choose to complete the new criteria to upskill and get new certifications. Your new and previous certifications can co-exist and remain valid for two years from the issue date(s).

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to raise them below. :point_down:

Happy testing,

Katalon Academy team.


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