Intellisense / autocomplete in scripted mode failing at times

## Expected Behavior - Whilst creating a simple test in “scripted mode”, I have observed the code complete/intellisense functionality not work and the error message attached to this bug report is displayed. I have observed this at least 3 times and a log file is also attached.

## Actual Behavior - Functioning code complete/intellisense 100% of the time.

## Steps to reproduce - Difficult to reproduce but observed on several occasions.


## OS = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 bit.

## Katalon Studio Version = 5.3.1

## Katalon Studio logs = Attached. The log time stamp required is 2018-05-08 16:09:22 (or simply search the log for the string “proposals”).

## Environment (for Web testing) - N/A
Browser N/A
## Environment (for Mobile testing) - N/A
* Appium version N/A
* Mobile platform/version under test N/A
* Real device or emulator/simulator N/A
* Xcode version N/A
* Appium Logs N/A
* Application file - N/A

## Screenshots / Videos

(1) Screenshot of error message attached.
(2) Log file attached.

Log - Auto complete issue.log

Auto complete problem.jpg



Yes, this happens frequently. For me it usually happens the moment I type…

import static com.my_company.something

Sometimes it seems to popup the error midway through the would static, others somewhere after com.

Sometimes it happens while typing…

def something = new com.my_company.Something()

Again, it happens somewhere around com.

Whatever it is, it’s very aggressive and insistent that it needs to interject while the user (me) is actively typing, which, for something called “assist” is anything but assistance!

I’ve taken to copy-pasting com.my_company. which is irritating, painful and stupid but it works.

An editor should be an editor first and an assistant second.

@Russ_Thomas @Katalon_team @M2018
Any progress/update on this?

For me intellisense does not work for any external libraries … Katalon knows if the method or property on the object exist because when it doesn’t it underscores it and complains… and tests work fine… but I never get any auto suggestions which is annoying… I am using KS 6.0.5

Intellisense/code-assist is a mess. I blame Eclipse first and Katalon second. Katalon devs portion of that blame stops at their choice to use it and to continue to use it.

I’ve tinkered with the settings, to the point of total confusion and have now given up. The number one impediment to upgrading (for me) is the loss of those settings and trying to remember what they were. In 2019, that’s a crime.

I have heard no positive feedback about addressing any of the UI issues that most users seem to complain about. I have quite a few of my own that have gone largely unnoticed/unacknowledged/ignored - some of them over a year old.

There are now, IMO, enough bells and whistles hanging off KS. It’s time to consolidate and do a sprint (or six) on the core application and fix these issues that are bugging so many people.

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I also started getting this issue in 6.2.0 version. The moment I type something, this pop up appears which is very annoying. This should be fixed ASAP


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