Intellisense/Autocomplete improvements in script mode

Intellisense/autocomplete doesn’t work until user enters dot (.) in the script mode. There is a work around involved to make it work. User has to go to preferences>Java>editor>content assistent> then in autocomplete section for the 2nd option ‘Trigger autocomplete for Java’ option change ‘.’ to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

This should be present by default when user downloads Katalon first time or update to new version.


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Press Ctrl+Space.

No thank you! That might suit you (the only person that has ever asked for this) but I would hate it.

Thanks, Russ for providing the solution.

If you hate this functionality, It doesn’t mean that nobody wants it. Most of the code editors has this feature on by default. I am sure that many people would want this functionality. I am not the only one who asked for it.

You’re welcome.

Of course not. That would be a ridiculous thing to say. Probably why I didn’t say it.


I have no problem with that. (How you know that is not my concern).

If there is (and you can provide) significant evidence for your claim, I will apologize AND delete my posts.

I don’t need to provide any evidence. But I don’t know why you said ‘No thank you’. It depends on user’s preferences. You can give your opinion though.

Okay, let me explain. You are asking for a change in how Katalon Studio’s editors might behave “out of the box”. To support your case, you need to convince Katalon developers to agree. There are many ways you could try to do that:

  1. Provide evidence why you think it would be better.
  2. Provide evidence why the current functionality is less than you had hoped for.
  3. Call out to existing industry practices.
  4. Provide evidence there is a need based on similar requests from the existing community.
  5. Anything else you think might support your case.

In the meantime, hope that others will join you in your campaign.

Now, if you don’t see the need to provide any evidence it’s a good idea, that’s absolutely fine, that is your choice.

To “down-vote” a proffered change, one might do the opposite. I simply intimated I didn’t like the idea (along with providing you the means by which you could access the same functionality, without the Katalon developers doing anything).

If you have a problem with that, so be it.