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Is there some way that this process can be automated so that we don’t need to upload the report each time we run our tests?

Hi @bradley.latreille

I think that’s already possible:

Test Result

In Test Result, users can select preferred options for Katalon Studio execution Reports.

Option Description
Automatically submit test run result Katalon Studio will automatically upload Test Suite execution Reports to Katalon Analytics
Attach Screenshot Include execution Screenshots

Click OK to complete.

This is perfect, thanks.

However,… when I go into Project Settings -> Integration I am shown a blank screen yet when I click Katalon TestOps I see my login details which are working as I can upload to TestOps manually.

I am also suffering from this, the integration page is just blank regardless of the TestOps settings being correct

I was able to ignore this as I noticed that Katalon was pushing the data automatically for me… Im noticing a lot of bugs with random reports being pushed with no data so I have to close and delete the blank reports which gets pretty messy but as long as Im getting my failed reports I dont care.

You should still be able to achieve the integration by going through Project -> Settings -> Katalon TestOps -> Enable integration

I am facing the same issue the page is blank

I confirm I have the same mistake, the lack of it makes my job difficult :frowning:

I dont have the integration window however when I use the Tester account that has the JIRA plugin for running testsuites my data gets automatically uploaded each night.
Keep in mind if I mess with the test half way through or if I run just testcases, no data gets pushed to Analytics as I wouldnt want it too anyways because I build up my tests in test suites and test suite collections.

If you are not uploading directly to analytics you should also be able to just push the data quickly per testsuite