Test cases, suits or results not syncing with analytics

Hi there
I use Mac, with Katalon version 6.1.5. I record and run test in Chrome.

I have connected my Katalon studio with Analytics and I am able to see my project/team on Analytics.

When I run a test, nothing is uploaded even though I set it to automatic upload. I followed all the guides, but just can’t make it work.

I also installed the “reports plugin” to see if that was the case, but reports are empty.

I also tried changing Proxy to “use system proxy…” but no luck.

Anyone had similar issue and solved it?


@Michael_Gimm_Holden1 I have test suites running right now and they are publishing data to Katalon Analytics. It does take some time based on the size of the run.

Just one thing you can again verify that in Project > Settings > Integration > You have connected to Katalon Analytics

Thank you @manpreet.mukkar for your answer. However the test case I made was just to open a browser and click an element and then close again. Just to see if it could work with the Analytics part.

In regards to connection, it is connected. I have assigned team name, project and everything.

Hi @manpreet.mukkar
Thank you for replying.

Test case is very small. Open browser with address, click something and close browser.

I am fully connected with analytics. I have also chosen team and project.