Intergration Tab Blank, Cant set up analytics

I’ve set up Katalon Analytics, checked the enable integration etc but when I click on Projects → Settings → Integration, the modal is blank. Everything was working fine till I updated to 7… why? Can anyone help

Hello @dan.southall

Starting from Katalon Studio 7, Katalon Analytics is renamed Katalon TestOps. You just need to go to Projects > Settings > Katalon TestOps to see your configuration.


Hey @Jass thanks for replying. That is what I did and have done. Everything seems to be in order, but integration page is still showing blank. Not sure if this helps but could you advise. I feel like im being stupid but i cant get it to work at all

Hello Daniel

I can see that you’re done with the configuration. You can read this document for further instructions on what you can do with Katalon TestOps.

Regarding Project Settings > Integration, this view is currently only for qTest Integration. Sorry for confusing you.


Right ok, thats no problem and thanks again for replying.

I do really hate to be a pain, but reading the documentation required,

I essentially want this part highlighted, just to enable automatic uploads rather than having to do it manually, but I cannot find this option.

UPDATE: I have got the report plug in, hope that works, but how does one get the analytics dashboard to still update?

RE-UPDATE: I have got it working now I believe. Thanks a lot @Jass Please ignore the above

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