Do not publish / upload reports until specificly activated

Hello team Katalon!

Today I was shocked to find out, Katalon Studio uploaded several reports of my test executions to TestOps. I then realized: With my registration to Katalon I obviously also created an organization and a project in TestOps and all my test reports are automatically uploaded to it by default. That is horrible, as I work for an organization that is not willing to share any internal data.

I then disabled the TestOps integration and deleted the organization in TestOps, that was created without my specific consent (or maybe I gave it unknowingly, because it was hidden in the legal texts somewhere - but honestly, who reads this?). I very much hope, all data concerning my employer is now deleted.

After I disabled the TestOps integration, I checked the event log in Katalon after executing a test suite collection to find even more shocking entries:

Uploading report to Katalon TestOps…
Report has been sent to Katalon TestOps
Uploading report to Azure…
Report has been sent to Azure
Uploading report to qTest…
Report has been sent to qTest

What is going on here??! Please do not upload anything without specific consent of the user. Especially if the user disabled the integration as I did with TestOps. The user should always be in control of such data. I was not aware of anything like this going on. Please take care of it - I find it very disturbing to know there might be some data concerning my employer uploaded by me somewhere without me knowing or being able to change that. :frowning:

Thank you very much!

The content of the “Event log” tab will NOT be cleared out when you turn the Test Ops integration optio from “enabled” to “disabled”. The “Event log” is only cleared out when you stop Katalon Studio and restart it. I suppose, you saw the old messages printed before you disabled the option; so you got confused.

When a user created a new project in Katalon Studio (I used v8.2.0), he/she will find

Project Settings > Katalon TestOps > Integratiion > Enable Katalon TestOps Integration

is set ON as default.

I usually turn this option OFF as soon as I created a new project.

I would prefer this option to be set OFF as default.

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It really looks good after a restart. I believe though, the content of the event log is actually up to date even after switching off this option. The option seems to be respected only after a restart, I think. This should be made clear by showing a restart request to the user, I think.

I agree. The default should be inactive.

You also can turn this option OFF as soon as you created a new project. :wink:

Yeah, I just shouldn’t have to do that :wink: But I actually just checked in my installation: The default seems to be inactive already. I use 8.2.0…

It is likely.