If "load DOM map" function has been removed, we should not see it in object spy

If “load DOM map” function has been removed, it is better to remove it from object spy function.

I am trying to do the same thing as loading DOM map from a page.
Then I found the hint, and I tried it. Unfortunately it did not work.

Then I search in the forum, I found it looks like this function has been removed.
From the reference as below:
This web mentioned the version should below 4.8.
And mine is the latest one.(6.2.1)

This discussion also mentioned that.

But I see in other article here, the hint dialog only show the capture the object in this article.

So i am very confused about this function.
1.Has it been removed or not?
I think if this function has been removed, it is necessary to not show the hint to “load DOM map” by “crtl+alt+`” this one.
And I suggest if a function has been removed, then the document also need to explain that clearly.
2.If it has not been removed, how to use it? I tried a lot of times, but it doesn’t work.