Load DOM Map seemingly not working

Happy day all,

I’ve recently weened myself off of the Katalon Recorder and I’m doing everything in the Studio and it’s awesome. I’ve been using the Object Spy tool for a while now and grabbing elements one at a time, but noticed the Load DOM Map option which looks really cool in what I’ve read. However when I try to use this feature nothing is happening other than my browser (Chrome or Firefox) seems to become unresponsive for a period of time, then everything seems to go back to the “regular” capture mode. I never seem the DOM map load in the Object Spy. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or maybe this feature isn’t working right? I’ve searched the Community here and haven’t really seen my exact issue discussed. Thanks for any help you can provide. If you need something from me (logs, version numbers, etc.) let me know. I just updated to the latest Katalon today hoping that would solve my issue.


Cool. Welcome to a brave new world. :wink:

I feel your pain already.

Ditch that. In the browser, press F12 to launch the developer tools. You can do anything you want related to the current page right there. Got confused? Got a problem? You know where we are.

Caveat: I don’t know what the Dom Map is (but I can guess) and hence I’ve never used it.

We’re setting up from scratch in Katalon and a function that got all the objects in a page in one go would be great.
We tried this too and got , nothing!

Is it really a function of Katalon or not?
No-one seems really fazed by this problem???