Spy Web Utility (version 4.8 and below)

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Bonjour to everyone, I am new on Katalon and looking for an easy way to get all my test object easily. To load the DOM map to the object spy dialog seems to be an interesting method but, unfortunately, I am unable to do it. I’ve read that it could be relative to my keyboard configuration (it is in French) but Ctrl+Alt+BackQuote has no effect on the spy object dialog box. To manually select element with Alt+BackQuote (Option+` on macOS) is working but, I guess become longer as the number of elements is rising on the page to test. So, first, does someone know a solution to get the DOM map loaded into the spy object dialog and secondly, is it even the best way to get all my elements as quick as possible in my object repository?
In advance, thanks for your answer.