Capturing DOM map does not work

When I use the combination to capture the dom map the pop up comes up in my browser

‘Load DOM map to Katalon successfully’

and Katalon does not capture anything


Hi there,

Please help to tell me which browser version or which web application you observe this issue, any screenshot will help also

DOM map will be captured on ‘HTML DOM’ of Object Spy:

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I can confirm Loading DOM map not working at all. I even do not see the UI element “HTML DOM” at all in Object Spy.

Katalon Studio 5.6.0 Build 1 on MacOS 10.13.6 using Google Chrome 68.0.3440.84 as well as Mozilla Firefox 61.0.2

I can’t even tell if the given key combination (in my case it is "Ctrl+Alt+**") is actually recognised as nothing happens at all after pressing **Ctrl**+**Alt**+**. Could you at least make this combination configurable as the one for capturing elements in Object Spy?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone

I agree with Kai. I’m using Katalon 5.6.0 Build 1 on Windows 10, using either Google Chrome 68.0.3440.106 or Firefox 61.0.2.

I have the exact same symptoms. Apparently, in the last version of Katalon Studio Object Spy, the “HTML Dom” pan doesn’t appear.

On the other hand, using the key combination to recognize object one by one works perfectly (thank you for this by the way, it’s an awesome tool).

Let me know if I can help

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I’m using the latest of all software at the point in time of this post. I confirm that FF and Chrome do not work.

Not surprisingly IE also does not work, however IE does produce an error message “Load DOM map to Katalon successfully”

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The Object Spy also does not work with Ctrl + Alt + `and I do not know how to change in the preferences, we can not do it apparently?
It’s been 30min that I’m looking for that shit that’s so simple to do in other ways.

Katalon developers have an interest in upgrading this feature.

Really null Katalon, I prefer UFT Microfocus.

Still no one to answer me … ??
It fears the support of Katalon

Hi @ouknam

Kindly check the below post…

I Discover.selenium and thank you to answer me although it does not work…

For Load DOM MAP, it doesn’t work !
I don’t know why.

I change my shortcut in windows préférence alt + ` by alt + e like this:

But, it’s not possible to load all object of screen like UFT Microfocus.

Why it’s not possible ???

Does someone discover a tips about Ctrl + Alt + ` ? ( because it doesn’t work yet… :frowning: )