I want to copy my Project from One PC to another


I have created an Web Testing Project using Katalon Studio in my personal PC and now i want to move/Copy it to another PC where main testing takes place.

So, is it possible for me to just copy entire folder of that project paste it in another PC where Katalon Studio is installed and can import the project and use it?


Yes Jambunath,

Simply copy whole directory where your main project file is and paste where you want to.

Katalon studio will automatically update reference.


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Hi Rudra,

a. I’m using the cloud directory and getting message No project found.
b. If I crate new project with this location I get location in the path of the project but with /new-name of the project.

I believe it should be the option a. as I should just simply locate the project from the cloud folder same way as with local-hdd directory, please?

I’m using now 2 computers

  1. Mac
  2. PC

The need is to run tests on Mac as client users and analysis req. to use the Mac. The second PC is to run tests on separate machine to no slow down my work computer.

I’m also using the Git, but in this case I’ll be loading already updated files from the Cloud and make changes on another machine which I’m using at work directly and I thing in this case the Git is just for backup and I shouldn’t need to connect it or should, please?

I only don’t want to slow down performance of the machine I’m using at work during the day.

Thank you,


I can not understand your problems.

What do you mean by “the cloud directory”. Please describe so that other people can see. Sceeenshot my help.

“message No project found” — Please provide

  1. The screenshot of the message dialog displayed by Katalon Studio
  2. The screenshot of Windows Explorer or Mac Finder which shows the content of the project folder you selected to open.
  3. Please compare the <project> directories of the source PC, on the “cloud directory”, and on the another PC. Please try to find any differences. Especially if there is the “<project name>.prj” file in the copied directory.

“but with /new-name” — I do not see what you mean. Please describe it with screenshots — what name you wanted, and want name you actually got.