Import/Export katalon project


Can anybody please share the steps to import a katalon project and to export it.

Thank You

@ravneet.boparai Are you asking about Katalon Studio project or Katalon Recorder ( Chrome Extension ) ?

For Studio :

You can go to Project > Settings and there you can see the project location. You need to go to that location in explorer / finder ( Thats where everything about your project is saved )

If you want to import an existing Katalon Project you can use this option :

I was asking about import in katalon studio. I want to import from onedrive, I will try with Open project option which you suggested.

Thank you

@ravneet.boparai Yes, You just need to open the project using the option I shared in screenshot and then select the location where the project is saved.

If you want to share the project with other team members I would say GIT is a good option.

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Thank You so much