Project broken when transfering from MacOS to Windows

My Katalon Studio project cannot be opened in Windows once it has been modified on MacOS.
See the image below:

(It seems that Katalon Studio tries to modify a file path coming from MacOS to a Windows file path, doing the modification incorrectly).

Katalon Studio version (on Windows and MacOS): 6.1.5

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a project in Windows, add some test cases
  2. Compress the project directory in a .zip archive
  3. Move the .zip to a MacOS, decompress and edit it in Katalon Studio for MacOS
  4. Compress the project directory in a .zip archive
  5. Move it to the original Windows machine, decompress and open it. The project cannot be opened

Temporary workaround:
The problem is the .project file, in the project directory root: it contains an invalid path:

C:/Applications/Katalon Services/kat-5707813240815027517.groovy

So, the workaround is to overwrite this file with its previous Windows version.

Below is my .project file: (818 Bytes)

Similar issue with same root cause: Transfer project from Windows to Mac

@devalex88 @ThanhTo @duyluong

i am not a mac user, but i saw on my wife’s machines (she wont let me touch them 'coz i tend to linuxize them) that mac stuff do create some voodoo hidden files in all places.
carefully check the .whatever files and set gitignore acordingly

Hi Ibus, I think that’s not the problem: as I reported, the cause of the bug is that Windows tries to convert a MacOS file path (/Applications/Katalon…) to a Windows path (C:/Applications/Katalon…), so that conversion results in an invalid file path.

That’s why the workaround to fix it.


You wrote “the cause of the bug is that Windows tries to convert a MacOS file path to a Windows path”.

I disagree with your view.

The .project file contains information which is machine-specfic, so that you should not transport the .project file across machines. You should not include the .project file in the zip archive.

“create a zip -> copy it across machines -> unzip it” — by doing this way, you will encounter a lot more troubles. For example, the .classpath file will most probably annoy you next. The bin/ folder transported from other machine will make your Katalon Studio crazy.

I suppose that you are not using Git. I believe you should use Git to share “source files only” across machines excluding machine-dependent files which are generated by Katalon Studio for each individual runtime environment.

What Git is for? Have a look at the following description

In the <projectDir>/.gitignore file you want to write



then the git repository of your project will exclude the .project file. Also, the .classpath file and the bin folder will be excluded.

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