Import files into Katalon studio

I recently exported my entire project in katalon into a folders in my local harddrive. I am not on a few computer, am I able to import those files into katalon so i can run my test cases on my new computer?
ADD: i just realized my test cases were saved in the cloud on the browser in katalon, how do i get them to show up in KAtalon studio?

Thanks you!

You are not asking any question here in the sentences.

Please make your question in English understandable.


What sort of operations on your computer do you mean by the words “export” and “import”. There could be so many way to “export” / “import” things. We, guys in this forum, can not see what you want to achieve.

You need to define “export” and “import”.

The following post may be of your interest

As of the recent v8.5.x, Katalon Studio - Platform Edition strongly recommends you to use Git, as the following post describes.

I think, there is no reason for you to try to invent your own export/import method other than Git.

Hello -
Yes Git is my long term plan but right now I do not have access to my original laptop and just the exported folders, hence trying to find a workaround.


I have no more input. Bye.

So, why do you think we can help in such case?

Sorry maybe i did not explain properly. All the folders that were saved on my local harddrive automatically with my test cases, objects, etc… I was able to save and transfer to my new machine (but i did not use GIT). I have all my test cases saved now on my new machine (in .tc files) but i do not see a way to upload them back into katalon studio to run

So, start to use Git and understand how it works.
We are not here to support ‘disaster recovery’ scenarios.

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Thank you. Sorry, I was just trying to see if there was another workout since like i said I don’t have access to my original files beyond the folders right now. If i get this to work again I will certainly use GIT. Thank you!

Why not you create your project again from scratch by hand?

I was actually able to figure it out, I copied over my exported folders of test cases/objects/keywords/and test suites into the example project that is automatically created. I then created a new project and was able to clone it over and upload to the new GIT. I realized the reason GIT had not worked was due to my company’s security options, so exporting the folders manually was the best option.