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Part 6: Get recognized for your contribution with the Kudos Board! :trophy:
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Hi Community newcomers! :wave:

In this topic, we’ll look at our Kudos Rewards Scheme, a way for us to identify and reward the most active and high-performing members of our Community.

Accessing the Kudos Board

There are two ways to access the Kudos Board , you can click on the link at the top of the header …

… or navigate to the hamburger menu and click on β€˜Kudos Leaderboard’.

How it works

1. Kudos scoring criteria

The Board awards β€˜Kudos’ based on your continuous interactions within the Community. A list of these interactions and the amount of Kudos awarded are as below:

Interaction / Event Amount of Kudos awarded
Daily visits 1
Flag accepted 10
Post created 2
Post read 1
Topic created 5
Solution accepted 15
User invites accepted 20
Time read 1
Likes given 1
Likes received 1

Kudos are updated every 5 minutes for events of the day, and the board would re-calculate Kudos from the last 10 days once daily.

2. Special actions that award Kudos

You can also earn extra Kudos by completing any of the actions below. Please send a personal message to inform our team that you’ve completed said actions so that we could update your Kudos! :+1:

Actions Kudos Awarded
Take a survey from Katalon Product teams 50 Kudos
Interview with Katalon Team 75 Kudos

3. Rewards

Amount of Kudos achieved Rewards
100 Special badge on the Community
200 1 x $20 Amazon eGift Card
300 1 x $40 Amazon eGift Card
350 3-month usage of TestCloud
375 3-month usage of KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine)
500 3-month usage of KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise)
500 1 x $60 Amazon eGift Card
700 6-month usage of TestCloud
750 6-month usage of KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine)
1000 6-month usage of KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise)


  • All eGift Card will be in US Dollars ($).

4. How to exchange your rewards

To exchange Kudos for gifts, you’ll just need to fill out this form. We will send you a confirmation message of your gifts and deducted Kudos.

5. Notes

  1. Each Kudos Board last for two years. For example, the 2022 Kudos board will last from 1/1/2022 to 31/12/2023).
  2. When the current Kudos Board ends, your Kudos will be reset and won’t be carried over to the next Kudos Board.
  3. Any interactions within our minigames e.g. Tester Personalities game WILL NOT be counted towards your total Kudos on the board.
  4. Interactions within our Miscellaneous category WILL NOT award you with Kudos.
  5. If you redeem the KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine), KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise), or TestCloud, you are bound to each tool’s respective license policy and support policy.

:point_right: Check out this topic for more information on how the Kudos Board works and which categories you’ll earn Kudos from.

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Pretty exciting rewards for our experts. We should highlight someone every month.

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