What do I do ? for this "Test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine: 0/5" (Professional level certification)

Hi @c03150, welcome to our Katalon Community and thank you for joining our Certification Program.

Now, to your question, first you will need access to use Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE). If you’re still in your Katalon trial period, it should be good. If not, you can take advantage of our Community’s Kudos Rewards Scheme to earn access to use KRE: How to get free access to Katalon solutions for the Certification Program?

For the steps to meet this requirement, you can check out these resources where others have shared ways to get it done:

  1. Finding it hard to meet some certification criteria? Then read this topic!
  2. What is the right way to run executions on TestOps agents (Local or Docker) using Katalon Runtime Engine

Hope this helps.