KSE license questions, need some help from sales

Hi team! hope you’re ok.

I’ve been reading your License Guide on the Pricing section, but still have questions about what licenses should my company buy for the KSE product.

We have a team of 3 QA engineers that uses KS on their personal notebooks. Also, we want to create a CI/CD pipeline on Gitlab to automate tests using the Docker image (we’ll go with the KRE Devops license for this case)

Below are our questions regarding KSE:

  1. We don’t know the difference between buying 3 Node-locked licenses and buying 1 Floating license. In your KSE FAQ’s on the Pricing section it says: “… Each floating license is assigned to one parallel execution session and shared across multiple accounts — maximum of 3 accounts at a time.”. This means that we can use a KSE Floating license on 3 different computers? so we can buy only 1 license and share it with all my team (3 persons) to use it on their personal computers?

  2. If the answer is no for the previous question, should we buy 1 Node-locked license for each person? or do you have a better recommendation?

Thanks in advance, hope you can help me with this questions

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Hi @dantunes

1/ Floating license is indeed very powerful, but it is available only in bundle. Please refer to our pricing page:

In your case, 3 node-locked KSE is the reasonable approach.

2/ Node-locked licenses are transferable, which means two test engineers can use one Node-locked KSE license to work, provided they are not working at the same time (most likely in the same timezone). You can manually transfer the license from TestOps interface. If your 3 test engineers are in the same timezone, then it is recommended to get 3 node-locked licenses so that their work can remain uninterrupted.