Help use Test Data in KR

Hello ThanhTo,
Below is the image of the file as well as upload again.
What I have done to test this issue:
Initially, created test steps (that I have done previously on a previous version)
this was executed successfully
Altered steps to allocate for and reference Data File, attached data file to Katalon Recorder.
Re-ran test, fail - as per message already referenced in correspondence
Ran Katalon Sample test with data file
This was successful!
Altered Katalon Sample with my own test steps and referenced ‘my’ data file
This failed with same error message.
Could it be that any new data file added to Katalon Recorder has an issue and the application can not read new files added?
It is strange that a simple test with a data file is now not working, yet Katalon’s samples are.
What are you doing ThanhTo to recreate issue?
John (155 Bytes)

Hello again ThanhTo,
I have installed the newest version as per instructions.
I am receiving the same issue:
I have used both CSV and JSON file formats with the issue.
It seems that the script stops straight away with ‘loadVars’ - see error message in image.
I tested Katalon’s demo one and it works. I can not see what I am doing wrong - if anything.
I have attached the two file types, the image of my test and sample test.
P.S Could you advise your time zone please. (301 Bytes)

Hi there, I created a simple test case that uses the CSV file you sent me, and it seems to work well (as in it doesn’t stop at loarVars). Can you try to build up from this simple test case?

test_1.html (855 Bytes)

The JSON file you sent is also not written in a way that would be accepted, a correct would be like this:

        "CentreID": 3
        "CentreID": 5
        "CentreID": 10

Hi there,
Still had some glitches for me, have worked around it for now, also using Katalon Studio.
Thanks John.

Glad you got it working, but what’s your workaround? I’m curious as to why you can’t get it working in the regular way.

Hi ThanhTo,
I have been away, hence late reply.
I used the Sample projects with a data file and worked from there.
I altered the sample test case with my own steps and file.
Could only spend ‘so much time’ on issue.

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