Unable to test different pages from data file

Hi Community. I like to tell you about my experience using data driven files with the latest version of Katalon Recorder (KR).

I am not a programmer so I rely to the Recorder to create automated test suites/case for its record and playback capabilities. Two years ago a created a test suite where I needed to test different forms and was able to use data from a csv file. KR was able to read a row on the data file, populate the form, move to the next test case and read the data form the next row. I run the same test with the latest version of KR and the functionality is completely different and is not working as described anymore. Now KR runs a test case, reads data form a data file row, then re-runs the same test case with the next row of data and this is not what I need.

I have solve the problem for now implementing global variables, but it is not a good solution. I like to use a data file due to the data needs to be updated and we like to do it on the excel file, not to edit the global variables (they are a lot) every time. Is there a way to tell KR to run a test case, read from a row, then moves to the next test case and read form the next data file row??

Based on your description, I guess your CSV data looks like this:


A row at odd line# and a row at even line# makes a pair; they are virtually a single line.

Then, I guess, a solution for you could be reformatting the CSV data as follows:


You want to join 2 rows into a single row. Katalon would welcome the latter format. But I am not sure if my guess is right or not.


What do you think?


Do you have any idea what sort of change in Katalon Recorder caused this issue to him?

Hi Jose,

Apologies for the late response. Could you provide us with a screen recording so I can further investigate what the issue really is?