Help! I overrode my existing testcase as I tried to record something!

I had a test case where I did a lot of scripting. I needed to add a new field and I tried to record that field and add it to my Object Repository. In that process, I overrode my existing test case. Now the testcase has just the newly recorded field. Is there any way to get that old test case back?

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I am sorry to hear that.
I have that issue to.


use github to keep save your project

Thanks Timo! Irony is I just submitted a request for access to Bit bucket to save my automation tests… I am rebuilding my script from a version that I saved a week back locally.

Btw, I was using ur code to write to excel file…

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:frowning: rebuilding my script now

@mridula.palivela This may not be a good approach but I have my automation project saved in onedrive folder and it continuously sync. Onedrive has a feature that it maintains versions of all the files. It covers when due to any reason we forgot to commit code to git.

Nice idea…