Accidentally Overwrite an Existing Test Case - How to restore back a previous version of said test case?

Hi there, as the title suggest. I accidentally overwrite an existing test case and I would like to rollback to the older version but unfortunately the following steps did not work. Kindly advise if there are other methods that I may try to recover previous version of my .tc file that contained more than 100 over steps.

  • Ctrl + Z to undo the saved changes
  • Go to the file location, right-click and select ‘Restore Previous Version’

There was no previous version available

I am new to Katalon so if there is any other way to recover the previous version of the test case file, please let me know. Thank you so much in advance for any tips and pointers.

nope, unless you store your project in git.
use git and make a habbit to commit as often as you can (and eventualy push some time to time) so, in case of disaster, you can revert to last known to work commit.
using branches for major/minor changes is also a good practice so you can always have a ‘stable’ version in master and one ore more ‘in development’ versions of your project (but be aware of merging conflicts when you work with multiple branches. rebase, rebase, rebase)

Hi Ibus, thank you for the suggestion which is definitely a more professional approach to the situation. I would like to share my dummy way of saving the previous file version is to copy paste the whole folder where your file is stored and move it to a secondary location before every change. For example: copy to a hard drive or even just the desktop or local disk driver for those who are using this in an office setting with a lot of restrictions and is unable to access git. It’s dumb but it works so happy testing everyone, cheers.