How do I run my test case in new machine?

Hi Everyone,

I was trying out Katalon studio but my PC got a weird bug and Internet stopped working. I didn’t knew exactly how to take a backup of my Testcases, so I saved the entire directory.

I am now facing the following problems in new Katalon Studio that has been installed freshly:

  1. When I create a new Test Case and copy paste the Script from backed-up “Scripts” folder (please refer to the image above) - It does not Run and after checking, I found that the variables that I had created earlier (before machine crashed) are not present.

  2. Even if I specify variables again, it throws an error.

Please tell me:
a) How can I run my old test cases again?
b) If above is not possible then I am ready to lose my work and start afresh but my PC is not reliable and I want to take an offline backup of my current work, how do I do that? I do not want to use GIT because this is office laptop and I am not allowed to upload stuff. Also my codes contain ID and password.

Option B is very important for me

I went through all the threads here but no one has provided a detailed description of how to do it.

Hi @jhankar4sites,

It does sound like you will have to start fresh.

If using GIT is not an option you should use a archiving tool such as windows built-in compression archiving tool or any other available archiving tool on the market. For example 7-Zip or WinZip.

Before starting to use GIT I always made sure to archive my project folder before doing any updates. That way I could restore back to the previous version should errors occur. Depending on your companies security settings you may then be able to copy your archived/zipped files to a USB drive.

Good luck :grinning:

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Review on this forum the files to remove when trying to reset a project. Here is an old copy from my wiki that I keep near at hand.

To fix the current issue, try closing your project, delete the following folders/files:
•	bin
•	Libs
•	.classpath
•	.project

When you Open your project again, click on the “Test Case.prj” file. Your project should rebuild on your new machine.
Your “old” variables should be found under the Object Repository folder.

Thank you so much @Dave_Evers :smiley:

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Wow! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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