Issues with saving test cases

When I have created several test cases I press the ‘save all’ button to save my test cases and objects in the object repository. (at this point I have not yet pushed the changes to GIT)

When I close Katalon Studio and re-open it, the test cases in my project are gone.

How can I correctly save my test cases so that they are still available when re-opening Katalon Studio?

Did you change the name of your testcases or the folders of your testcases?

Some people, including me, have ever experienced loosing testcases:

Katalon team hasn’t ever fixed it. Likely to reoccur.

You should use Git for not loosing your code again.

Thank you for the response. I have not changed the name of the test cases as it are the first ones that I have created.

I press the save all and it seems that they are saved in the folder. But than the day after, when I reopen Katalon, the test cases are no longer there

Which version of Katalon are you using?

Standalone Edition? or Platform Edition?

Katalon 8.5.5 platform edition

Have you ever commited anything into Git?

The following section of Katalon document tells us how to “Open a test project in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition”:

I guess, you repeated this operation twice, didn’t you?

I guess, you overwrote your previous project with an empty project.

Or, it is possible that you created the 2nd project at a new location, which is of course empty, and you misunderstood that you lost your previous codes.

That could be possible. I will retry again. But if there are several different projects and you have saved them and you want to open them, you don’t select ‘open a test project’? Can you only open them with the recent projects?

I don’t know.
I would pass your question to @vu.tran

Thank you @kazurayam, we are checking the problem now, @Elly_Tran