Getting Started with the Katalon Platform: Creating Your First Project

From version 8.5.0 onwards, Katalon Studio has two editions: Katalon Studio - Standalone Edition and Katalon Studio - Platform Edition.

With the Standalone edition, you can store projects on your local system, which is suitable if your team wants to host all your testing infrastructure locally.

The Katalon Studio Platform edition, on the other hand, is seamlessly integrated with the Katalon Platform and Git. It allows you to easily leverage the available cloud resources to streamline your testing processes.

And to open a project in the Katalon Studio Platform edition, you first have to integrate the Git repository containing your testing project with the Katalon Platform.

How to create your first project in Katalon Platform

We published a new course in Katalon Academy to help users understand the new Katalon Platform and open their first project in Katalon Studio Platform Edition.

:point_right: Learn this course for free! (Simply log in to your Katalon account and enroll)

In around 20 minutes, the course:

  • explains the core modules of the platform,
  • guides you on Git integration to create and open your first project in the Katalon Studio Platform Edition,
  • shows the steps to perform a simple testing workflow using Katalon (from designing tests using Katalon Studio PE, uploading the tests to Git, to scheduling test executions on cloud, and view reports)
  • And lists out the resources for further self-learning about the platform.

Updated: Since version 8.6.0, Katalon Studio doesn’t require you to integrate with Git. You can create a local project. However, you still need a TestOps account to log in to Katalon Studio and integrate with Git if you want to use the cloud resources of the Katalon Platform. [New Releases] Katalon Platform Updates - March 17th, 2023

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