[New Releases] Katalon Platform Updates - March 17th, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we’re releasing some big updates to the Katalon Platform as below…


Katalon Studio has been updated to version 8.6.0 with:

  • The option to execute test suites and test suite collections on TestCloud mobile browsers. You can also execute with TestCloud mobile browsers using a tunnel, just like previously supported with TestCloud desktop browsers.

To view a full list of enhancements and bug fixes, please visit the link below.


  • Now, we only have one Katalon Studio option in the Download Katalon package popup to save time and remove confusion when you download Katalon Studio and KRE.

  • We no longer require you to connect your Git repository to TestOps.
  • The Katalon Agent Docker image is upgraded to support the latest browser versions.

More information can be found in the link below.

Free download here: Katalon Studio Free Download | Katalon


We’ve provided a hot fix to a payment error in which the system updates invoices to “Paid” when the checkout fails and the maximum number of card declines has been exceeded.

We’ve also resolved a bug which was first reported by @kazurayam