Katalon Studio Platform Edition Vs Katalon Studio Standalone Edition

hello everyone, I’m a new user of katalon for a company and have a need to connect to bitbucket, is better katalon PE or standalone?

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Hi @syaefulanwar08, thank you for your question and welcome to Katalon Community! :grinning:

To answer your questions regarding the differences between the Platform Edition and the Standalone version of Katalon Studio:

You can learn more about the Katalon Platform - which integrate the Katalon Studio Platform Edition with Katalon TestOps and Katalon TestCloud - in our AMA thread here.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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Your company has an organizational bitbucket server, right?

An important question: Is your bitbucket public or private? In other words, how is the network connectivity configured? Is it possible for a 3rd party server on the Internet to get access to your bitbucket server?

If your bitbucket server is accessible for a 3rd party (with or without credential challenges), then Katalon TestOps would be able to communicate with your bitbucket. In this case you can use the Platform Edition.

If your bitbuket server is private and so that Katalon TestOps can not communicate with it, you can not use the Platform Edition. However you can use the Standalone Edition. You can make the Standalone Edition to work with your bitbucket on your private network.


thank you for your answer :pray: @kazurayam

thank you for your answer :pray: @albert.vu

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Would you answer to my questions:

Is your bitbucket private or public?

Are you going to use Platform Edition or Standalone Edition?

bitbucket private, I will use standalone edition

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Thank you for your reply.

I guessed so.

As far as I see, serious enterprises (that I know) demand their repositories being private = isolated from the Internet. The top managements do not like the idea of exposing the source code to the Internet for the security concern. Therefore I am afraid that the potential market for the Platform Edition might be limited.


Hi @syaefulanwar08,

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