Katalon Studio v8.6 no longer requires TestOps and Git integration to create a new project --- am i right?

In the recent release note of v8.6, March 2023 I found a sentence:

Katalon Studio - Platform Edition version 8.5.5 will be the most recent supported version. From version 8.6.0 onwards, Katalon Studio is only available in one edition (previously known as Standalone Edition)

I am confused with this.

In the announcement of the v8.5.0, Sept 2022, we read:

So I guess that Katalon TestOps and Git integration are NO LONGER required to create a new
project in Katalon Studio v8.6 and onward.
TestOps and Git intergration are just optional. Am I right?


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That’s correct @kazurayam, we consolidated users’ feedback and make an easier option for use. Please refer to our official announcement here [New Releases] Katalon Platform Updates - March 17th, 2023 - #2

Thank you.

You still need a TestOps account for activate Katalon Studio, but for Git, you don’t need to.