Free plugins and KSE 7

Hi all, I’ve had a look through the recent threads regarding KSE 7 and the limitations compared to the non-enterprise version but I’m still not any more clear on the situation regarding “free” plugins and KSE 7. I’ve been using the older versions of KS for approximately 2 years and am currently within my 30 day trial of KSE so currently all plugins currently work for me.

Does anyone know if the plugins that are currently free e.g. Slack and basic reporting are still going to be functional once my trial of KSE 7 ends i.e. will they work with KS 7 (non-enterprise) or will even the “free” plugins be “paywalled” behind having to purchase a KSE 7 licence?

@damianallsopp I think with KS you will have free plugins for free and paid plugins with the paid subscription. If you will get KSE then you will paid plugins as a part of your KSE subscription for free. I don’t think Katalon team will make Slack and basic reporting paid plugins.