Katalon Version 7 and above, Is it free or paid?

I am using the Katalon Studio free version (Katalon 7.2.1) and I received an email today saying my KSE trial version will be expiring in 9days.
I have downloaded the Standard version of Katalon Studio NOT Katalon Run-time Engine.

Are Both Katalon Studio and Katalon Run-time Engine paid ?


When you create an account, you will have 30 days trial Katalon Studio Enterprise. After this period, your license will downgrade to Katalon Studio (free).

Katalon Studio: free
Katalon Studio Enterprise: paid
Katalon Runtime Engine: paid

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Thank You @duyluong .

Could you please share the information referring to the differences between KS, KSE, KRE.
Like what features from KSE are excluded in KS.


Please take a look at our brochure: https://d1h3p5fzmizjvp.cloudfront.net/themes/katalon_4/KSE-brochure-Nov-2019-2.pdf

Thank You very much @duyluong - This is very helpful…