Limitations on Katalon Studio (Free)

Hi everyone,

Since Katalon Studio Enterprise 7 will be a paid service at the end of April, I’ve been comparing Katalon’s pricing plans and haven’t been able to find an answer to the question: What will be the limitations of the free version (KS) compared to the paid (KSE) version?

I’ve searched in the documentation and these forums but haven’t found an answer to this question, so I hope this can be clarified as the limitations decide whether I will buy a license or stick with the free version (and I assume I’m not the only one with this question).Thanks in advance.

Hi @aplui

This brochure details the differences and is available under FAQ section of our pricing page:

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Hi @ThanhTo,

Thanks for the quick response. I did see the brochure before posting. However the question remains, what are the limitations for Katalon Studio? More specifically;

  1. Can I make unlimited Test Cases and Test Suites in KS?
  2. Can I access the Katalon Runtime Engine via console using KS?
  3. What other limitations are there that aren’t listed in the brochure?


Hi @aplui

1/ Yes, there is no limit on the upper number of test artifacts using the free version.
2/ No, KRE is a separate product. You cannot access KRE from KS, KRE is used for executing tests in console mode.
3/ I currently can’t think of anything besides the brochure right now.


Thanks for clarifying!

Hi ThanhTo

Could you please help me out by answering the following questions

  1. Can projects developed in KSE be used in KS?
  2. Can projects developed in KS be used in KSE?