Issue with Plugins and KSE

There seems to be a disconnect with my free account I set up before my work got KSE. If I go through my dashboard and click on plugins I actually download a file that I can store on my computer. If I simply click on Visit Plugin Store in the top right corner and go to the same plugin it tells me I can try the plugin for a 30 day trial. I thought these were included in KSE? Also, if I go to Tools and click Install Plugin, it will only allow me to install ONE plugin that I downloaded through my KSE organization dashboard. If I try to go in to Tools to install another plugin, it says Uninstall Plugin. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do something different to get access to all my plugins without having to reload them every time I re-open Katalon as well?

Hi @tgeabler,

Menu Install Plugin under Tools is for development purposes so you can only install one plugin. Please refer to this guide for more details on Private Plugin in KSE.

Hello Tim

Given that you can download plugins from Katalon TestOps, I understand that you have already subscribed to Katalon Studio Enterprise. Please refer to this document to get access to all plugins in a Katalon project.

If you still cannot do it, please feel free to let me know.


Hi Jass,

I think I am still a little confused. Is the <project_name>//plugins in the features or plugins folder of my Katalon Studio folder?



No it’s in your project folder. Each project can have a different set of plugin.

What plugins do you need - I can give you detailed steps.

That would be awesome! I want to use Smart Xpath, Report, AppliTools, Assert Custom Keyword and Excel Keyword.

The easiest way is to install plugins on Store using the same account that activates KSE, the click Reload plugins in KSE. At this moment the website will incorrectly display trial period but you can ignore it and use all plugins as long as you have a KSE subscription.

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