KSE + KRE licences, plugins access

Hello @devalex88, @Jass, @Russ_Thomas, @ThanhTo ,

I have just acquired 4 KSE licenses + 4 KRE licenses for my company.

All paid plugins are included in Katalon’s KSE license.

However, there is no documentation regarding the integration of paid plugins with a KSE license.
I would like to understand how to integrate paid plugins KSE because if I go through the store, I still have to pay the plugin if it expires …

If I download one of them from my Katalon Ops interface, I can install it via “Tool> Plugin> Install Plugin”. However it is no longer available if I click on “Reload Plugin”

How do I install a paid plugin with my KSE license?

Last question, how should I do to use its “paying” plugins in KRE?

Thank you in advance for your answers that will interest many people I think.

Hello Dino

Given you have already purchased KSE licenses, to access all plugins, please follow this documentation.


Conversely, is there a way to turn off this message:

? Thx-Will