Food-ventures 🍜

Had an unforgettable meal at your local restaurants, or while you are on a trip, or that you made yourself and you are eager to share it with someone else? Then you, my friends, have come to the right place!

If you are more interested in discussing food & drinks in general i.e. recipies, tips & tricks, then head over to the topic below… :point_down:

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I am going to kick things off with a recent meal I had about a week ago at a Korean BBQ joint (haven’t had one in a longgg time) with my boyfriend…

Each of us got a Dinner Buffet package which gave us access to a variety of meat such as top blade (beef), beef short plate marinated in spicy sauce, pork skins, chicken ribs, etc. There was also a Special Buffet with a whole lot more meat dishes to choose from but to us, most meat taste the same so we couldn’t be bothered.

We also ordered a grilled cheese dish of which the first piece was on the house :star_struck:. I think the cheese was Mozzarella as it was rather gooey and soft even after being cooked.

One of the things I love about Korean restaurants is that the meal usually comes with a variety of side dishes, called banchan and they are mostly free-of-charge, here we got our usual rice cakes (Tteokbokki), steamed eggs, corn with cheese, kimchi, etc. → You could literally get full on these banchan alone so I would advise you to not over-order them to save belly space for the main dishes.

Our favorite dishes (including banchan) were: chicken ribs marinated in spicy sauce, short blade marinated in spicy sauce, sausages, pork shoulder, and of course the grilled cheese :yum: :cheese:

The oyster dish was also good (especially the cheese covered on top), though the oyster themselves were rather small (but hey, it was a buffet sooo technically, I could have ordered as many as I wanted).

Sadly, we got so full by the end of our meal (there was a time limit of 2 hours for each table - strange I know), that we had to send back the prawns and octopus, and we did not get to order anything else the second time :cry:

But well, for around $14/person, I’d say it is money well spent. We would definitely visit this BBQ joint again, with a bigger group of course :drooling_face:

Let us know if there is a Korean BBQ joint near where you live and whether you have tried one out or not :point_down:

Unfortunately, many of the BBQ style restaurants around my home did not make it through COVID protocol. They were not allowed to have patrons inside, so unless they could go to a “take-out” style diner, they could not open for business. We have (still) a Chinese restaurant that provided take-out but you could not go in the restaurant to pick it up. When you got to the restaurant, you then had to phone them to say you were outside and then they would put your dinner order out the door.

The most memorable meal we had was decades ago, my wife and I ordered Chateaubriand for two. The carrots had a sweet glaze, the other vegetables were heavenly with light sauces, the potatoes were astounding with a smooth sauce and the meat was cooked perfectly. Each plate has a “duplicate” set-up–that’s why it’s for two. We would point to an item on our plate and rave about its taste and the other would just moan with a smile while chewing away. Decades and I can still remember the dish–and it was with excellent company, too.

That’s a shame, a big part of why I enjoy sitting down at BBQ restaurants is to socialize with friends/family and also to people watching. Yeah, granted, you could also socialize at home, but the atmosphere is just not the same.

I honestly thought that they would lower your food down from the second floor like the video below :laughing:

I can only imagine how incredible that dish was based on your description. If you have had any other recent meals that have also left a similar impression on you, then by all means, share with us :wink: