1000ft above my house

Anyone else?


How can you capture this?

Google Earth

The one with the gray roof and white deck in back. Close to mall, groceries, schools and Costco.



The apartment in this building :smile:


Ignore the blue dot.

closer look:



I want that.



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I ordered mine online, it came as a ‘lego’.
Installation was a bit triky … the top part have > 300 Killos, so with 5 people was not an easy task.
I still have to apply one more layer of thermal insulation on it … hope this summer will be finalized, but for pizza is ok as it is, for making bread not the best, the temp drops a bit too fast.
Giving to you the link I suppose is usseles, since it is a local producer, but I think you can find something like that also in your area … or build it from scratch.
You only need bricks, cement and a skilled worker.

And I want that view :astonished: imagine waking up everyday and walking out to see that while sipping a hot cuppa coffee :pinched_fingers:

I did not know that you originally came from the UK, Russ, unless “UK” in your images meant a state/county in the States then my bad :face_with_peeking_eye:

Out of curiosity, would you rank Costco higher than the other places you mentioned? I know I would :face_with_peeking_eye:

Born there. Live in the US now. Came here to the US 26 years ago.

I have been in the house for a few years, and as the kids grew up, the schools being close was important, then the mall was important and on weekends, Costco.


My house until about 9 months ago and all the way through COVID. A farm, actually. 30 acres is far too much work.


Gotta say this aerial view reminds me of where I did my GCSE and A-levels back in 2012-2015. How fast times flies :smiling_face_with_tear:


This will teach @mike.verinder for being so slow. I sent a drone down to Texas and found him policing the yard…


We weren’t so far apart…

Sorry my bad. late to the show


This scenery must have come straight outta a movie :heart_eyes:

well damn! :exploding_head: I never got to visit all parts of the Midlands though, only Leicester on weekends and occasionally London and to a lesser extent, Brighton.

Oh and I did spend one year in Bath! Lovely city (I guess you can call it that since it is rather small), though not so lovely was the weather.

Did you know that @huy.hoang from our Marketing team also studied in England? I think he mentioned Brighton but since I have a memory of a gold fish, let’s wait for him to confirm.

One important question, what is the one dish (or dishes) from your hometown (or in the UK in general) that you have not been able to find in the States and would really love to have right now?

Me first: a full English breakfast (w/ extra hashbrowns and minus the black puddings), and probably a Cottage pie :drooling_face: