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I tried moving the thread but I no longer have permissions. Honestly. I don’t know why I bother.


Hi Russ, would you mind pasting a screenshot here showing what happened when you tried to change this topic’s category? Thanks!

With your current trust level, and the way I have set the #misc and #misc:jobs-gigs categories, you should be able to move the topic there without any problem…

…unless it’s something with Discourse in the backend of which I will get in touch with them asap :+1:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: I am looking for a job

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Got it, gon ask Discourse tomorrow. Thanks! :+1:

I bet is related to Discourse.
I noticed also, custom ‘likes’ are no longer available at least for me, so looks like the forum platform got a recent ‘upgrade’

Hi Russ, :wave:

Just figured out the culprit. It was actually a setting I put in place that would require every new topic in the #misc:jobs-gigs category to be reviewed by a moderator or admin. This is to encourage those who post job ads in there to follow the posting template, or at least provide as much information as possible. So… it is not that you do not have permissions, it is just Discourse’s settings clashing with each other :face_with_peeking_eye:

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By “custom likes”, did you mean the various emojis that pop up when you hover the heart :heart: icon, or did you mean the thumb-up emoji :+1: specifically?

do you really have to ask this?
feel free to use the forum and you may notice what is missing… or not.

I do…?

I am going to assume that it was the :+1: that went missing. I have added that back in, along with a new chefs_kiss :chefs_kiss: emoji for when anybody want to express their Italian :chefs_kiss:


Now you have to add more like… Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai etc :))))

Well, it is quite hard to find a suitable emoji that represent such cultures/countries. Even the current :chefs_kiss: is rather stereotypical to be honest (but hey it is fun, ain’t it?).

Maybe we will create custom emojis once there are enough demands for them :wink:

I was just kidding :smile:
Thx for the quick fix, you are now promotted to ‘the fastest tech support guy’ level