Feedback Friday 22 Jul 2022

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Hi Community members! :wave:

First of all, thank you for your continued feedback to make our Community better for everyone. And now, here are the things that we’re working on this week.

Changes and Improvements

:white_check_mark: We have taken the Top Contributors board down following many of your requests.

What’s new?

  1. We’ve added two new side blocks to replace the Top Contributor board, namely:

    • Recent replies: This block displays replies made within your topics & elsewhere. The default number of replies displayed is 6.

    • Category topics list: This block displays a list of Latest topics, similar to the ‘Latest’ section on the top menu. At the moment, it’s displaying 8 topics from the Tips and Tricks subcategories.

  2. We’ve recently installed the Discourse Table of Content (TOC) component and it’s now available for all members. This is especially useful for long, knowledge-based topics, or those with lots of headings as you’ll be able to jump to different sections of the first post of a topic with just a click instead of scrolling (this topic has one!).

The TOC feature will look for headings in topics and then turn them into an interactive table of contents (nested in order of heading levels) - your markdown will need to be syntactically and structurally correct for this to work.

# heading 1
## heading 2
### heading 3
#### heading 4
##### heading 5
###### heading 6

You’re free to go back and fourth in heading levels, but the order must be correct

# heading 2 
## heading 3
## heading 3
### heading 4
## heading 3
# heading 2


To insert a TOC in your topic(s), simply create a topic as normal (with all the headings marked correctly), and then click on the Gear :gear: icon, and choose Insert table of contents.

When you click on the gear icon, you will see…

<div data-theme-toc="true"> </div>

appear in the composer pane ← that is your shiny new Table of Contents all ready to go, you don’t need to do anything else.

Screen Recording 2022-07-22 at 17.44.42

What we’re working on

  • We’ve created a new group called Leaderboard Hidden for members who wish to be excluded from the Top Contributor board. You can join or leave the group as you wish. We will share more detail about this next week. :smile:

Some members have been added already.

  • We’re looking into TT Norms’s alternative to avoid display/rendering issues for Headings & elsewhere (reported by @Russ_Thomas )

  • We’re working with Discourse to resolve the visual glitch where the OP’s avatar’s ‘glow ring’ would shift slightly off-center as reported by @Russ_Thomas

  • We’re looking into how to increase the maximum daily number of reactions as reported by @bionel


Following @kazurayam’s feedback that the code indentation was broken, we’ve attempted to reproduce the issue using one of Katalon Studio’s (KS) default test cases and found that the indentation worked normally. However, should the issue persist, please let us know below.

Once again, thank you all for your continued feedback and please keep them pouring in! :+1:

Katalon Community team

Editors: @vu.le @Russ_Thomas


Good solution.:clap:

Cool :sunglasses:


TOC in action:

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@vu.le This is still a problem.:

It’s illegal HTML to have more than one element with the same ID. We have good advice given to users here telling them exactly that. We can’t then have a Katalon-branded product breaking the rules. Right?

Tell your discourse guru he needs to run his code through a validator. Or, better, test it with a good KS test script :grinning:

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

I saw that duplicated ID is in the search banner. I’ve noticed Discourse about this, will update you if anything comes up :+1:


is this hapens only for me on mobile?
why the page does not properly fit into the screen?

@vu.le your upstream or your team actually test the changes, or you just release them for comunity fun?

just asking…

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Hi @bionel, sorry for the late response!

I can confirm that the ‘tag wrapping/overflow’ as shown in your screenshot is also present on other Discourse sites such as Woot and Discourse Meta. We believe it’s to mimic what’s shown on desktop where tags would be next to the category(s).

Discourse Meta


With that said, we’d open to hear your feedback on how it should be done to avoid wasted space & long scrolling :+1:

We do consult with Discourse and test out these changes beforehand, however, sometimes there are rare edge cases that caught us (and even Discourse) by surprise. Hence, the need for your continuous feedback which we’re really appreciate :+1: Thanks!

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Discourse won’t be taken by surprise if they will hire a skilled manual tester (or more if they have just not enough)
Such cases are hard to catch only by automated tests, unless a manual tester will be involved into the design and the suites continuously updated.
Just saying …

as for that ‘login’ case… mhm. seriously?
in mobile view, that has to be shown in a modal when the user visit the page for first time
the user can dismiss that and look at the content as anonymous, if allowed.
the choice has to be remembered (a cookie will work)
if the user want to login later, he has to click on the user icon and pick the login option from there

or… whatever else